chris finne


17 Jan 2010

Just a running list of some of the software projects I’ve worked on the the past few years

Cc:Betty now Threadbox Collaboration Platform

CHADR (RIP) Group chat via SMS

Aha Mobile - Stay (safely) online while driving

Nombray (RIP) - Personal Brand Management

AskMeGo (RIP) - Real Time Chat version of Yahoo Answers

TipMobile (RIP) - Social Networking via SMS

ClassicalMuse (RIP) - Social Video Sharing site for high quality classical performances

Martini Media Network Ad Network

Where I Hang (RIP) - Yelp clone as a Facebook app

[Wikiplaces] (RIP) A map wiki with light social networking

My EHE PHR Health Care Management Portal

Zolved Free Remote Control Free PC Remote Control for Consumers

Zolved Consumer Technical Support Portal

IPTouch (RIP) - Self-Service Portal for Enterprise serving to Customers