chris finne

Top FAILS from Apples Mac OSX

23 Sep 2010


Just a running list of simple concepts that Microsoft had nailed years ago, but Apple still FAILS to get.

  1. Close Window (CMD-W) and Quit Application (CMD-Q) keys are adjacent. How many times have I mis-typed and lost all my windows in TextMate? Thank god Chrome finally implemented a feature to avoid this problem.
  2. Can only resize a window from a single corner. Did the other 3 sides cost too much to implement?
  3. Apple hates the keyboard - inconsistent short-cut keys and menu navigation.
  4. the “Green circle of confusion”. I want to maximize or unmaximize a window. When I click that green circle, it seems that someone is rolling the dice to decide what should happen. This seems to have gotten better with Snow Leopard, but still…
  5. Going from Tiger to Leopard was ok, but Leopard to Snow Leopard? What’s next? Striped Snow Leopard? (Update: ok, they release Lion. Next one better not be Snow Lion, or Desert Lion)
  6. Snappy. I still think my old Windows XP systems had a more “snappy” / “quick” feel to the windowing environment, e.g. opening, closing, moving windows, etc.