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30 Apr 2014

I'm a "software guy" working in Silicon Valley for the past 12 years. I consider myself a "Startup CTO", which means I'm the first guy in the door to build out a new idea. This requires me to be competent in many technical disciplines as well as have highly optimized Startup-Execution Skills.

"highly optimized startup execution skills"? What sort of gibberish is that?

Well, the key to startups is execution. The first idea never works, neither does the 2nd, 3rd, etc. So you need to continually iterate towards something that does or drop it all and take a left-turn. The faster and more efficiently you can do this, the better chance of finding the right formula before you run out of money, resource, energy, etc.

After working near (and sometimes with) some of the best entrepreneurial and VC talent in the world, I've learned that I'm not the idea guy, product guy, CEO or Visionary. I consider myself the "support guy" that enables that person to succeed. Since I've seen a fair amount of startup activity and worked with some great people, I am a great sounding board. I won't come up with the next Twitter, but when you do, I'll get it off the ground fast.

My gmail address is chris.finne@(put the gmail here).com


Since I'm a startup guy, I regularly use a wide variety of technologies to get the job done and work on many types of solutions from Consumer, Enterprise and all those acronyms like B2C B2B XYZ PDQ.

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